Seeing is believing, reality is what you see, feel, touch, hear, and taste. What if I told you that this idea that the senses lead us to all reality is not really true? There are things in science and world experiences that go beyond the reason of the human intellect. We are born and trained that we must eat, breath, grow, and live the things that life offers and that this is all there is. This is a lie, we live in a world within many dimensions that reach out beyond our existence.

This novel The Gathering:  Book One of the The Project Genesis Series is about those other worlds or dimensions and how they affect everyday life. We are not aware of any metaphysical evidence from these realms, or dimensions but they influence us everyday. The novel will pull the veil from your eyes and let you see what is going on around you. This story is compelling us to stretch our thoughts and understanding beyond the hum drum of everyday life.

This is the first in The Genesis Factor. A series of novels about who we are, where we come from and where we are going and the progression of mankind in the universe. What are we destined for on the earth and is there more. Follow the lives of the Gathering and find out there is greatness in all of us if we look for it.

W.B. Stiles.


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